Full-stack web development | App development

Full disclosure: my work at Blackbird takes precedence over freelance work.

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Lead Technologist

Web development | App development | Tools & workflow development

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Interactive Designer

Web development | Software development | User interface design | Tools & workflow development | Digital publishing support | Fill-in media artist (illustration, animation, 3D modeling, video production, etc.)

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I use HTML & CSS (usually SASS) every day, and I try to keep up with the latest features while maintaining graceful degradation.

I use JavaScript fairly often, usually with jQuery. I also run Node.js-based workflow automation via Gulp or Grunt for web projects, and I’ve written other Node scripts to automate mundane tasks.

My main server-side language is PHP, quite often paired with MySQL. I usually use WordPress for client sites, depending on requirements. I specialize in custom themes, and have also built custom plugins for unique functionality.

I’ve developed several iOS and Android apps, both using native code and a JavaScript-based framework called Titanium SDK.

I learned ActionScript 3.0 when it first came out, when Flash was still ubiquitous and mobile devices were scarce. I’ve also dabbled with Haxe during Ludum Dare challenges.

I use Git for all of my programming work. Check out my GitHub page for random projects and contributions to other open source projects.

I primarily use GitHub’s Atom text editor for coding.

I maintain my own Linux server at home (Ubuntu) that acts as a staging site for project websites.


I have professional experience with Adobe Creative Suite up to the latest versions, especially XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, and the ExtendScript Toolkit.

My web design process usually involves wireframing, a few rough sketches, and then a prototype that, over several iterations, becomes the final design.


Cleveland Institute
of Art

BFA in Digital Arts

Game Design emphasis

2010 Student Commencement Speaker


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